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Full Version: Why Catholic Parents and Grandparents Need to Win the Lottery
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The most awesomest Noah's Ark toy -- made of wood! no plastic! -- that I've ever seen. Sigh! My grandson needs this. He really, really does! Every Catholic kid does!

Another nice one but for MUCH less money -- also all WOOD:

(04-03-2014, 11:48 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: [ -> ]Another nice one but for MUCH less money -- also all WOOD:

Good price and sustainably made - will suggest this for my little cousin's birthday!
My younger brother made something very similar to this.  Meaning not a lot of animals.  He was in highschool and made it in woodshop. 
A handy Dad or Grand-Dad with a scroll saw or band saw could craft this from scrap wood for pennies.
A crafty Mom or Grandmother could do the painting of the figurines to bring the collection from "standard" to "heirloom" quality.