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Full Version: Win a Car and Help a Traditional Catholic School!
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Good Morning! We have a six-year-old son in Kindergarten at St. Mary’s Academy. The school is fundraising until April 12th to help defray the costs of their many needs, most notably school buses! Would you be so kind as to watch and share this video? Any donations are greatly appreciated! Our son James can ask much better than I can here…   Thank you very much and God Bless You!

Hey! I saw that little sweetie-boy yesterday or a couple days ago -- and he sold me! I bought a ticket (how could I resist?!) and am looking forward to driving around town in a nice new ride! Sticking tongue out at you

Thank you so much! I was kind of nervous putting his video out there more, but the kind and generous response has been great! Thank you so much again and good luck =)
I'm in!  'Wish we had a nice school like yours out our way.  Good luck with this drive.
Thank you so much, Ambrosiano!  It's been a lot of fun and the kids are all really excited! We had considered home schooling for kindergarten, and are so happy we put him in the Academy  right away instead. I am surprised every week in a great way, at how much they are learning, especially in regards to following/learning  the liturgical year with songs and crafts etc. Anyway, thank you very much again and Good Luck with the drawing!