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Full Version: Beautiful Video: View of FSSP seminary in Nebraska
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A Visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe FSSP Seminary - YouTube

+J.M.J.+ October, 2013/ A brief glimpse at Our Lady of Guadalupe F.S.S.P. ...

I am sorry but I cannot get the automatic video to run....sometimes I can and other times it comes up as invalid link. This is a beautiful short video of a very holy seminary!
[Image: 99040_01.jpg.crop_display.jpg]
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Gorgeous video! There's some nice camera-work in there! Kudos to the cameraman/woman!

Thank you so much. Nice video! Smile
It is a wonderful video!  So rich in love of God.  I did find something troubling as I finished this video though.  I saw it again on Youtube and to the side there was this video about the FSSP.  Disturbing to me, since I attend the FSSP chapel here in Lincoln.  It was saying that the FSSP is basically not fruitful.  I do not agree and it is probably one of the other societies.  Very misleading. What do you think?  Not to take away from the beauty of the OP video.