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Full Version: NB: April 23 is the Thirty Days' Mind for Tim.
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This Wednesday marks thirty days since Tim's burial. For those who read the Missal or pray the Office, there is a special collect for this anniversary:
Quote:Quæsumus, Dómine, ut ánimæ fámuli tui Timothei, cujus depositiónis diem trigésimum commemorámus, Sanctórum atque electórum tuórum largíri dignéris consórtium ; et rorem misericórdiæ tuæ perénnem infúndas. Per Dóminum.

We beseech thee, O Lord, that thou wouldest deign to grant fellowship with thy Saints and Elect to the soul of thy servant Timothy, the thirtieth day of whose burial we commemorate; and that thou wouldest pour upon him the continual dew of thy mercy. Through.

If you wish to recite the traditional Office of the Dead for Tim on this day, you can find it at Divinum Officium. Select any set of rubrics EXCEPT the "pre Trident Monsatic," and then select "Defunctorum" from the right-most column. Simply replace the general collect given there with the one above. Note that in the older rubrics before 1960, the Office would begin with Vespers Tuesday evening, the 22nd, and conclude with Matins+Lauds on the morning of the 23rd. In the 1960 rubrics, the office begins with Matins+Lauds on the 23rd and end with Vespers that evening. But those rubrical considerations are much less important than remembering to pray for the salvation of a dear departed member of this online community in whatever form we are moved to do so.
Thanks for the reminder! My Breviary is on my desk!