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Full Version: Obedience
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Obedience is the foremost state of authority or jurisdiction demanded by God for someone to be comformable to His Holy Will

Two things that are bothersome about the forthcoming canonizations that are of the greater consequence or significance -- that total lack of legal soundness about the two candidates that merits the true character and quality of being a saint.

When God greated the world, He gave the two progenator of the human race Original Righteousness (which see) but made the primary consequence that they have everything they want and entitled to except to keep way from the Tree of Knowledge.  What is the first they thing they do?  They disobeyed.  As I had mentioned in a past comment, because of this disobedience the whole human race was punished and suffered..

I bring two things here regarding obedience.

Pope John XXIII directly disobeyed the request of Jesus made through the intercession of His mother that the the Letter containing the Third (some say fourth) Secret be divulged in the year 1960.  For whatever reason John XXIII (Pope in 1960) through his own initiative stated, after resding the Letter, "This doesn't concern our pontificate" and world awating the contents of the Letter were defrauded of a very important message regarding the future of the Church.  Instead John XIII convoked a General Council.  What were the eventual result or outcome?  Chaos.  A disobedience of the highest order.  If  anybody can tell me what John XXIII chose the name of an anti-pope for himself, I would like to know.

There are two Catholic Churches in existence.  (According to a priest who stated that one church is that of man made God and the other where God was made Man).  The Novus Ordo, since it was promulghated by a Pope is valid but its validy is upon those Catholics who remain faeithful to Tradition and attend because it is one of the precepts of the Chuch.  Otherwise, there are Catholics and "Catholics" but that doesn't make them Catholics.

Pope John Paul II turned his eyes away tfrom the abuses -- the sexual by his predator priests, the loss of reverence and even belief by the practice of Communion in the Hand, women in the sanctuary, who were never allowed before, particularly the readings of the Scriptures, the loss of reverence for the Holy Mother God,  casaual clothing in attending Mass, and many going to Mass to be entertained and not for what the reason of the Mass is, a Sacrifice offered to the Eternal Father for the pardon of sins. 

As one priest stated, Fr. Z, the coming canonittions is actually a canonitiation of Vatical II, to make it "legit."  It's beeen 50 years, about time to "legiitimize" the Council and what better way to do it than proceed to the Church ritual of canonization.