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Full Version: Vox Goes A-Preachin' & Makes an Ass Out of Herself
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Oh yes. Yes, I did. This just happened to me this morning and I'm still laffin' about it.

OK, so at 7:30 this morning (about the time I usually go to bed), the phone rings. It's a recorded message, allegedly from my bank. The recording uses my actual name (though pronounced as machines -- and most non-Italians -- always pronounce it -- Tux-er-own. Sigh.) and gives me a reference number to use when discussing a case of possible fraudulent use of my debit card. Naturally, I'm all "Chyeah, right!" Right?

So I reverse-look-up the number and see that others have gotten calls from that number, with most of the people saying it's a scam, and a few others saying it isn't. I call the number on the back of my debit card and tell them about the call, giving them the number that rang me. They told me that that number has nothing to do with my bank at all, that they hoped I didn't give out any information, etc. (which I hadn't. It was a recording. But if a human had called, they wouldn't have gotten anything out of me anyway 'cause I'm smarter than the average bear, as you shall soon see).

So I go to the reverse-look-up number place and post, relating what I was told by what I know was my real bank, trying to warn people away from giving out any information to someone who calls from that number. I posted replies to the few people who said it wasn't a scam, calling them LIARS, saying that they're either working for the scammers or are just nefarious-minded and bored, wanting to cause folks trouble for the fun of it.

Then, an hour after the call I got, the phone rings again. Same number. But a human being's on the line now. I answer with the intention of having some fun, am talking in a goofy accent that made no sense, gave my address as 422 KissMyAss Drive, etc. -- when it hit me that I had an opportunity here. I could help a brother out and save his soul, man!  I started talking in my real voice about the harm he potentally could be doing to old ladies, sick people with nothing, or young mothers with babies to feed. I talk about repentance, how he's better than this crap, how Christ can and will forgive him if he asks for it, how he can leave all that sort of thing behind him and become brand new, start over, and be and feel light! I was on fire! I was on a mission! I was on a mission from God, my brethren and sistren!

But he keeps telling me that he's from the bank. I tell him that I'd already called the bank and that the number he's calling me from is one they don't recognize. He tells me he will switch me to another department and they will "prove" he's really from the bank. I'm thinking this guy's thinking I'm a total idiot, ask him how in the Sam Hill would his letting me talk to someone at the same number he called me from prove anything, and go back to talking about the sweet saving grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, alleluia! He says, "Look, I'll give you my name and you call the number on the back of your card and ask about my name and they will tell you I work for the bank."  I'm thinking, "Wow, if anyone at my bank's real number does have that name, that means he actually has a name of someone who really does work at my bank, then! These guys are good!" But when he was spelling his name out for me, he missed a letter and had to go back. Ha! So busted.

So I write down the name. And I again call the number on the back of my debit card, wanting to warn them that the scammers out there are being really tricky! I relate the tale to the person I end up taking to who I know works at my bank. She re-affirms that the number calling me has nothing to do with their bank at all. I give her the guy's name -- a very ethnic name quite unlike "John Smith."  She says that there is someone of that name working at the bank. Clever! I'm impressed by the scammer's ingenuity, but they gotta do better than that if they want to scam me, my babies! She wants me to tell her supervisor the details of all this, so I get to listen to some Muzak for a bit until supervisor-lady comes on the line.

I tell supervisor-lady the story and can hear clackety-clacking of a keyboard and such while we're talking. Then she tells me that Jorge Allesandro Benitez *** does work there -- and that he did call me. She told me why, and the reason made sense, and it turned out that I was preaching like a fool to some poor innocent banker guy who was just trying to protect my card. I lost it laffin' and told her about all my preaching, and she started laffin', and when we were winding up the conversation, she asked if there were anything else she could do for me. I told her to please tell Jorge I would welcome any love-offering for my sermon.

BTW, my card is safe. They were just checking on this charge of one dollar (seriously!) that comes from one of those 14-day trial thingies that don't cost anything as long as you cancel in time. She said that sometimes fraudsters will toss a dollar into an account to test it, to make sure they can get into it. Or something like that. Anyway, the entertainment value of all this in itself was worth a buck LOL

*** Name changed to protect the innocent

:LOL: God has a sense of humour - but nothing is wasted! Wonder if "Jorge" will be talking to somebody else about his encounter with the "preacher lady," and through that encounter Christ himself, before the day's through.
Are you sure Jorge's last name wasn't Bergoglio?  He's been making a lot of cold calls lately.

Vox, that's beautiful! It takes humility to admit to making an ass of oneself. Even more to share it with the world!
That's funny .. ring .. ring .. ring

Tee hee... I totally cracked up when the reality of the scene came to me. Doh!  In the course of the conversation my sermon, the poor dude even said he was "with me" on "all that" -- but since he "was" a scammer, I figured he was, well, scamming me about that, too. I mean, how could he have a clue about Jesus and go about scamming people for a living, right?  hahaha

But I feel bad about the poor people I actually called liars at that "reverse-look-up" page! Man! I totally suck! Mea maxima culpa!

(04-24-2014, 10:49 AM)spasiisochrani Wrote: [ -> ]Are you sure Jorge's last name wasn't Bergoglio?  He's been making a lot of cold calls lately.

Haha :LOL:
Thanks for sharing this story. It has me laughing.  :LOL:
I'm glad that your call turned out OK. Mine was a bit different. They nailed me for $50.00 before I could get it stopped. Then the bank came to my rescue and covered my loss.
(04-24-2014, 06:33 PM)trident59 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm glad that your call turned out OK. Mine was a bit different. They nailed me for $50.00 before I could get it stopped. Then the bank came to my rescue and covered my loss.

Ouch! Glad the bank bailed you out, though -- sheesh!
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