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Full Version: Give Glory to God, a life was spared
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Folks, thought I would relay some good news to you all. A young lady I know well confessed to me that she had become pregnant by a man she has been seeing. She then told me that she was going to have an abortion, I am sure with pressure coming from the baby's father. Since I was not directly involved I was not sure how to respond, but I know I needed to somehow get her to change her mind. I stated that there are other paths she might take, there are good organizations that could help her in her time of need. Within 5 minutes she was discussing adoption, (God be praised), she then asked if I really believed that it was a life inside her (she was only 4 weeks in) I said of course the moment the sperm and egg are joined an new and unique DNA is being written by the hand of God himself.  After a little more discussion we hung up the phone. I thought I made some progress. I called the Sisters of Life (this was Holy Thursday mind you) and asked the good Sisters to pray for this young lady so that she would work with God's grace and let her baby live.

Sometime had passed and she seemed to be going back and forth between keeping the baby and an abortion. It was strange, she would never say the word abortion, she would use the term "remove it".  So I kept praying that she would make the right decision. Well a few days ago she went to doctor's office and heard the baby's heartbeat and saw the sonogram, that was the clincher, she is going to have the baby, not sure if she is keep the child or considering adoption, but she is having the child. She sent me a photo of the sonogram and said "this is little life you helped saved". I was truly humbled, but I give Our Divine Savior all the credit, I just wanted to plant a seed in her mind that abortion WAS NOT the answer.  She then told me that before going back to the doctors she was go on websites opposed to abortion and view the reality, she was shocked by it. As it turns she did have an abortion years earlier, and told me if she knew what really happened she never would have had one. She furthermore stated that the people at the abortion clinic lied to her, in which I respond they kill babies for money, what makes you think they would not lie to you. She recognized the logic. 

Well through many prayers and God's grace a little life was spared. Lets us all thank God for this miracle and also please pray for this young lady as seeks to heal from her past abortion and carries her new baby to birth.. Thank you guys and gals.

I reared up. Good on you, Canisius. Thank God for this grace,
What a grace! God is so good.  Smile

Oh, Canisius! Well done! "Humbled" indeed! Praise God -- and praise God that He's got you out there doing some good work for Him! Bless you for this!

Deo gratis !