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Full Version: I do hope it's a joke : Ecumenical Missal
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“The more the Holy Spirit finds Mary in a soul, the more he becomes active and empowered to produce Jesus Christ in that soul, and that soul in Jesus Christ.” (St Louis Marie de Montfort)

A New, New Mass? Let’s Pray Not!

An announcement that elicited little media comment may have large consequences for the Catholic Church and the deepening crises She faces. On April 1, Pope Francis signed a declaration to work on a new “Ecumenical English Missal”. One might wish this were an April Fool’s joke, but it is quite real. (See: “Pope sanctions ‘Ecumenical Missal’: this is really big news”.)
The group designated to produce a Missal acceptable for use in both Catholic and Protestant worship consists of four people: Pope Francis and three Protestant “bishops” — two of whom are women. The announcement was made on the feast of St. Theodora, a woman saint, to which some attached significance, suggesting this was the Pope’s way of announcing that women will have a larger role in important matters in the Church (even Protestant women pretending to be bishops?).
The Novus Ordo Missae — the New Mass of Pope Paul VI — has been a source of confusion and a vehicle for heterodoxy for almost a half-century. Under Pope Benedict, some had hoped for a return to liturgical sanity, that is, a return to the Traditional Latin Mass. There seemed reason for such hope with the wider use of the Latin Mass granted by Summorum Pontificum. But Pope Francis has, from the start, shown himself inimical to the Traditional Latin Mass, as most notably evidenced in his suppression of its use by the Friars of the Immaculate.
Now, the Holy Father has initiated a project designed to produce a new Missal that will necessarily avoid any doctrinal statement or scriptural interpretation that conflicts with the Protestant rejection of Transubstantiation and the Real Presence. When these elements are removed from the Mass, there is no Mass!
What we so desperately need in the Church now is not a new Missal, but a return to clarity and emphasis in dogma (see: “If We Lose Dogma, We Lose Our Soul”). And the Mass is where the faithful see dogma expressed in worship: lex orandi, lex credendi — we pray as we believe. If we pray in a Protestant manner, can we avoid believing in a Protestant way?
We must pray that this does not happen. That means we must, as Our Lady of Fatima has urged us to do, pray for the Holy Father.

Can anyone give a comment about this?
I think this was a joke from that blog PrayTell, an ultra liberal but very erudite blog that derides all things traditional with enough class and scholarship to fool the unwary. On the other hand it sounds like something Francis would be sympathetic to and it's nor entirely out of the realm of possibility. I mean, we live in an era where Popes kiss korans and call protestant televangelists "brother bishops", and Cardinals insinuate that Jews need not convert so ANYTHING is possible. I wouldn't entirely discount this just yet. It could be an experimental Missal that gets quietly allowed in some far flung ecumenical monastery somewhere and that might eventually spread and become the norm or at least an option. It would pave the way for intercommunion, the dream of ecumenists everywhere.
Isn't this what the Novus Ordo already is?
This, if true, would be a lowest common denominator Missal that would be suggested for use amongst ecumenical congregations. It would make the already Protestantized Mass of.Paul VI even more Protestant. The logic of ecumenism is keep whittling away at everything that divides everyone from everything till we all arrive at some sort of consensus and agreement about religion. In the end it has to just be an empty humanism and relativism that uses the language of Catholicism or some sort of "mere Christianity" but empties the words of their specific meanings. Jesus is whoever or whatever we want Him to be; the Church is a vague body of believers encompassing everyone who is somehow implicitly linked to the Creator Spirit, the Logos,Buddha,Mohammed,Shiva,Vishnu or the great black cube at the UN. The point is to use words but let everyone just define them as they see fit. We can all worship together because we all implicitly believe the same thing and just as Christ "emptied Himself" we too should "raze the bastions" and empty the dogmas, doctrines or rituals that divide us from our seperated atheist, agnostic, buddhist, Hindu,  Muslim or animist brethren an ecumenical Missal with protestants is just first step to a one world religion worth it's own liturgy, rituals and practices that unite rather than divide. I know it all sounds so murky but that's the whole point of modernism, or rather it's hallmark--murkiness.
sometimes people forward emails and facebook posts and we are not required to believe any of it or jump to conclusions that just because its on the internet that its true.
It was an April Fools joke.
(05-04-2014, 10:53 AM)phattonez Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't this what the Novus Ordo already is?

(05-04-2014, 10:53 AM)phattonez Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't this what the Novus Ordo already is?

Yes, that's exactly what it is, at least to a certain degree.  The Mass was intentionally made to be more acceptable to Protestants.