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Full Version: Renewal without reform
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Have you people seen this nice short article at Rorate Caeli (I believe its some days old by now), wherein its argued that whereas the restoration of Tradition is a necessary condition for the renewal of true Christianity, its not a sufficient condition; and that in fact the impulse of reform (of the reform) without any substance is the same mirror-reflected error that permeated the impulses in Vatican II and the liturgical deformations.

Thus, I think (and this is not in the article, but it seems to me like a very mild implication) that the types described here as toxic trads are just the counterparts, in the strictest of senses, of the neo-Catholics: they are just a modern response (even if modern does not exactly mean the explicit or implicit, unconscious, acceptance of the paradigms of modernity [which I believe is the case with some traditional types], but its total negation – the same way a Protestant is not defined positively but only in negation to the Catholic Church: only a parasite, if you will) to the same phenomena.

Very nice stuff, it echoes some of the things that have being said around here, specially, I think, in the new Conversion of the Heart, page.

Nice article, yes! If our hearts are not truly converted, all is for naught. Truly. Whether we have the TLM and other trad Sacramental rites and sound teaching or not. This can't be emphasized enough, and that's why the Conversion of the Heart page on FE is, really, I think, the most important page on the site.