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Full Version: Cardinal Arinze on Holy Communion
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I just found this video by Cardinal Arinze. I think he should have enforced Holy Communion kneeling down more as well as the user of kneelers, but I think he did a pretty decent job as well as threw in a good sense of humor :)

I'm not sure he can enforce kneeling when it's only one option among many. Perhaps he could in the Latin Mass but not in the Novus Ordo where standing has become de facto the norm even for those receiving on the tongue. Or maybe he could since Vatican II gave so much autonomy to individual bishops and bishops conferences. I have a feeling Rome would intervene if he did though.
I also think this video is worth watching by Bishop Athanasius Schneider
AFAIK, COTT kneeling is the norm and cannot be forbidden. CITH standing is an indult and can be removed at any time. So a bishop could forbid CITH, standing.

I would very much enjoy hearing a cardinal argue for the laity's 'rights' to CITH, standing. I have never yet heard a substantial argument for the benefits of changing over to CITH, from the old practice. One dodgy quote from St Cyril Of Jerusalem and reference to what they think happened at the Last Supper. That's it.

The real reasons are a demonc desire to de-sacralise the rite, and pride. We really think our mediocre ideas can be imposed on the rite, even if, oftentime, our singing and theatrics would disgrace a local AmDram society.

Ha, I would love to see 'Rome' intervene if a Bishop forbade CITH. I wonder what arguments they would use?: "The laity are being deprived of a beautiful and ancient practice where they can stand up to receive our Lord and Saviour into their hands ..."

One can understand the changes since 1955 is you think of them as a form of protestantism, behind which is the Devil: Drop Latin, de-emphasise the Sacrifice, have unvested, bareheaded women read from the supposedly sacred area, jollier music (even dancing, occasionally), stop mentioning sin, death and Hell, and so on. We are special and as good as saved. Jesus loves us. So relax.

And then blame The World for the results!

It's a form of group cretinism.

(05-11-2014, 01:09 AM)ArturoOrtiz Wrote: [ -> ]I also think this video is worth watching by Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Oh, I have met him personally. He's a very very nice bishop.
Communion in the hand standing is not the norm for the Latin Rite (Novus Ordo) but it's become the de facto way of receiving worldwide. That it's an indult is true but it's become so wildly established I don't think there's a snowballs chance in Hell it's going to disappear anytime soon. I.also think that if any bishop decided against it Rome would step in and stop him because it's not "pastorally sensitive" or some such Vatican II way of saying it. If Communion on the tongue kneeling were something that became the norm by the choice of the majority of local Catholics the bishop could get away with supressing Communion in the hand. Seeing as Communion rails are almost a museum piece these days even in diocesan cathedrals it's another snowballs chance in Hell that most Catholics in any given diocese will return to that practice. Communion in the hand, standing; communion under both kinds; lay "extraordinary"( ubiquitious at every Novus Ordo) ministers of Holy Communion--all are here to stay for a long time now. Don't you just love soon to be "saint paul vi" who not only ushered in the Novus Ordo, he also made possible the indult that made Communion in the hand a "pastoral" option that has swept the world by storm. Oh, and Romes answer will be "It's the will of the Holy Spirit; the whole world receives Communion that way"
A bishop can start his own Church. That is why Rome does not discipline bishops unless they are preaching heresy or are degenerates in some other way.

A bishop could easily forbade CITH in his own diocese. Rome would not intervene. CITH, like altar girls, is a disciplinary matter and falls within his remit.

When a congregation reverts to the old rite you get a few loudly indignant people, whol fade away and are replaced by pious people who appreciate its benefits. 

Promoting COTT would be easy. If the bishop wants it. Or even if he just permits local clergy to choose freely, without sanction.