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Full Version: . When "there is a lot of seriousness - he said - the Spirit of God is lacking".
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Believe it or not that is a quote from  Pope Francis in his latest debacle..... er i mean homily.  It doesn't take to much  to see that he is talking about two forces in the Church these days one the ultra liberal modernist..Francis looks in the mirror and smiles  and then there are all those pesky Trad's that want all those hard questions answered.  Sigh how long do we have to endure this? Kind of makes  me wonder what is next. :crazy:
I read the text. I did not feel he was referring to trads at all. He makes no reference to trads, who, in the main, are not even intellectuals. University theologians are intellectual aristocrats. Anyway, I think he was really, albeit as usual badly, trying to isolate and distinguish between tendencies we all have, and to choose some, and reject others. I saw nothing at all wrong about what he said. This is not at all one of his debacles. He has plenty real debacles without our creating other imagined ones.
Most homily's are teachings that can be applied to us today.  Francis is more or less rejecting  the intellectual type( read trad's ) who use their intellects  to appreciate Tradition  that has been handed down to us for  close to 2000 years whereas  everything  Francis talks about is pure emotion.  Scripture tells us to try the spirits not just have a feel good relationship to God.  We  are told  to hold fast to Tradition in scripture not just feel good about  whatever comes along.   We have been told repeatedly by Holy Mother Church  that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church not just  why cant we all get along? Jesus Says  things like.. If you love me  why don't you do the things that i say? not  if you love me do what you think the Spirit is telling you to do and feels right to you.  This  homily shows me more or less that  our Pope is not  interested in  people who hold fast to what we have been taught and place a great deal of importance to  tradition but rather   just be happy clappy and  and  don't ever use you your God given intelligence to think things through.  Like the quote says "When their is a lot of seriousness- he said  the Spirit of God is  lacking".  LOL yea right   that's what God wants a  bunch of dumbed down  feel good happy people... yea right    no thinking or seriousness allowed.