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Full Version: Fine Art Thursday
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Some beautiful paintings by Spanish painter Enric Monserday Vidal. We all need some peace after these last few days.

Madonna and Child
[Image: 6561619697_9712a3f2f8_z.jpg]
The Crowning of a Mother
[Image: 6561619731_3533b04667_z.jpg]
Oh those are lovely. The color blue is so peaceful!

A Catholic Life, I saw this thread earlier and wanted to THANK you for starting it -- and, in the process, turning me on to two of the most BEAUTIFUL Madonnas I've ever seen (I so melt into those blues when I look at those!), and to an artist I'd never heard of! AWESOMENESS! Grazie!

My additions to this thread:

Mary Magdelene and Our Crucified Lord

[Image: marymagdaleneandjesus2.jpg]

Christ as Priest

[Image: priestchrist.jpg]
(I like the symbolism in this one -- Melchisedek and an OT priest both being shown)

By Stefano da Verona

[Image: rosegardenpainting.jpg]