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Full Version: Pope's 'Last Supper' mass raises Jewish hackles
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It is fascinating the way things work in Jerusalem! Huh?

The 'Upper Room" is the site of numerous critical events:

-the Washing of the Feet
-some resurrection appearances of Jesus
-the gathering of the disciples after the Ascension of Jesus
-the election of Saint Matthias as apostle
-the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost

As it is today:

[Image: TheCenacle_wide-00ea86b0b1eb377cece9c70f...9e.jpg?s=4]

An artist's rendition in the time of Christ:

[Image: the_upper_room_by_radojavor-d4vcn8p.jpg]

Pope’s ‘Last Supper’ mass raises Jewish hackles
By John Reed in Jerusalem
A plan by Pope Francis to celebrate mass in a Jerusalem room believed by Christians to have hosted the Last Supper has brought criticism, controversy and conspiracy theories worthy of a Dan Brown novel.
The pope’s first official visit to the Holy Land this month was meant to showcase interfaith tolerance and the improved ties between Israel and the Holy See. But the plan to hold mass in the room, known as the Cenacle, has sparked an ugly disagreement that is threatening to undermine the visit.

The Cenacle is on the upper floor of a Crusader-era building that is holy to all three monotheistic faiths. Not only was it a mosque in Ottoman times but it is also directly above the site revered by some Orthodox Jews as the burial place of King David.
This has led to protests from some Jews, who say the planned mass would contravene an agreement in place since the days of the British Mandate under which different faiths have access to the site, but are mostly barred from holding religious rituals there.
Rabbi Yitzhak Goldstein, head of a Jewish seminary located at the site, said: “I have tolerance, I have understanding, but what I condemn is an aggressive change of the British status quo.”
The fear, shared by some Muslims, is that Israel is poised to hand control of the building to the Vatican as part of long-running negotiations over the use and taxation of buildings in the Holy Land, which are drawing to a close.
“The Israelis have agreed to give away this important shrine,” said Mohammad Dajani Daoudi, a professor at Jerusalem’s al-Quds university and member of the family that served as custodian of the site for four centuries under Ottoman rule. “There has been a deal; we have heard word of mouth.”
While Israel’s government has said repeatedly that it has no plans to cede control, this has not stopped a flowering of rumours and conspiracies. In one version, the Vatican is to trade a candelabrum supposedly salvaged from the destroyed Second Jewish Temple in exchange for control of the Last Supper room.
There have, however, been hints that more Catholic services will be allowed in the Cenacle once the country’s “fundamental agreement” with the Vatican is complete.
“It is true that the agreement will contain an agreed timetable for religious rituals to be held in the Cenaculum a number of times every week,” said Yigal Palmor, an Israeli foreign ministry spokesman. “But at no point is there any consideration . . . to transfer sovereignty or property rights.”
A few hundred Jews protested against the Pope’s planned visit to the building. Another demonstration is planned on May 22, shortly before the pontiff’s visit.
The conflicting stories surrounding the Cenacle are typical of Jerusalem, where historical fact often gets caught up in overlapping religious claims, rumours, and myths – as they do in Mr Brown’s bestseller The Da Vinci Code.
The Catholic Franciscan order were given control of the building housing it in 1332 by the rulers of Naples, and ejected by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1551, who turned the Cenacle into a mosque. And while researchers believe David was actually buried at the City of David, a nearby archaelogical site, this has not deterred a steady stream of Jewish visitors who recite prayers at the site.
The controversy around the Cenacle comes as authorities have vowed to crack down on racist vandalism in Israel, including the scrawling of graffiti on a column at the Notre Dame complex, the pope’s planned base in Jerusalem, reading: “Death to Christians and Arabs and all who hate Israel.”
Let's hope this might affect Santo Padre to wanna change the V2 teaching regarding other false religions.

There is only One Faith and its Catholic all of those buildings belong to the Church...not to the infidels or heretics.