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Full Version: 2014 Survey of Ordinands
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Lots of food for thought here on how we nurture future priests:

-71% were encouraged in their vocation by a parish priest
-45% by friends
-43% by parishioners
-38% by mothers
-28% by fathers

Active in ministry
-80% as Altar Servers
-52% as Lectors
-16% participated in a World Youth Day

Catholic Education
-50% attended Catholic parochial school
-41% attended Catholic high school
-45% attended Catholic college

[Image: APTOPIX_Vatican_Pope_Reyn_t607.jpg]
Thanks for reminding me I gotta give to our Bishops Annual Appeal!
Looks like fathers need to step up more and encourage their sons. Also, looks like World Youth Day has not increased vocations as much. Hmmm.