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Full Version: One Day Retreat In Orange California
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I just wanted to share this for those who live in the Southern California and Orange County area. There is a retreat that I am going to attend. It is called A Call to Holiness by Vatican II. This is a retreat that is hosted by a confraternity that I also attend the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas. The people who will be talking are Jesse Romero (who is orthodox and is friends with Michael Voris) and Victor Gallardo another orthodox Catholic (and a personal friend as well). Both these people do not water down the faith and actually motivate you to become the best Catholic that you can be.

If you can make the retreat I am sure you will not be disappointed. The Cost is $25 and will include breakfast and lunch.

[Image: GAEvangelizationretreat_FlierampApplicat...fe85ad.jpg]
Sorry this was posted 3 times. My internet connection is acting up and I guess it submitted the post 3 times
$25 dollars is a great price for something so invaluable! I wish I had family in LA. I will post this for friends and family in San Diego on Facebook!!