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Full Version: I wanted to share something very personal with you.
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This is from Peru which is a country in South America it is not a well known devotion outside of South America but I wanted to tell you about it because much of what Peru and in reality most of the America's are is because of God's Holy Church. I was lucky enough to be one of the people that get to carry the image of Our Lord in procession though at the time i did not recognize the honor I was given like many things of my youth I shake my head at that young man which I can hardly recognize at this point in my life.

My Parents are from Peru and I spent most of childhood there, of the beauties of the country of course is how intertwined the culture and the Faith are, to be Peruvian is in many ways is to be Catholic.
Oh that's fascinating, and sounds like a beautiful custom. I always wanted to see Peru. Thanks for sharing!
Nice to hear all this - - I was born in Lima, Peru, and have lived my entire life in Barranco, a district about 12 kms from Lima downtown; I have worked for 50 years in Lima downtown (commuting every day) -  Indeed, el Señor de los Milagros (Our Lord of Miracles) is taken in procession every October 18 and 19, and 28 for about three centuries now; starting at 6 am with a Mass by the Archbishop of Lima.  Each day the procession is about 14 hours (that is it enters the next day at 2 am.)  The President of Peru comes out when our Lord passes by the Government Palace to render homage, as also the Mayor of Lima.    We even have October 28 as a Solemnity, St. Simon and St. Jude being perpetually displaced to Oct. 29.  The crowds are immense -- no political party or sport has ever gathered so many people.
This is a long and wonderful story and I'll be back soon with greater information.
(After the great procession, practically every city in Peru has its own Lord of Miracles procession, in November.  There are the "cofradías de cargadores" - - loosely translated as "brotherhoods of carriers" who take turns in carrying the very heavy image. By the way Peruvians in New York also have the procession there.
Viva el Senor de los Milagros!
I pray that The Lord gives me the privilege of being there during the processions.
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