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Full Version: Miracle Approved
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A Vatican-appointed panel of theologians has approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, moving the renowned American preacher closer to beatification.

The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation announced that the Vatican experts had verified the authenticity of the miracle, which involved the revival of an infant who had appeared to be stillborn. In March, a panel of physicians had found that there was no medical explanation for the child's recovery.

The miracle still requires formal approval from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. If Pope Francis then authorizes the release of a decree certifying the miracle, all requirements would be fulfilled for the beatification of Archbishop Sheen.

Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois, the home town of Archbishop Sheen, said that there is "no timeline" for the final Vatican approval of the miracle, or the scheduling of a beatification ceremony. The beatification would be held in Peoria, he said.
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