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Full Version: A Seminarian's Plea
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Help This Man Become a Priest!

This was posted in the "Catholic News, Discussion, History, & Culture" sub-forum by our own MagisterMusicae, who's been a member here since 2006.  I am re-posting it here with the hope that it is more visible so that he gets lots and lots of help. Anyone who's been around these parts for any length of time knows that MagisterMusicae is a very devout, 100% orthodox, extremely intelligent young man who will make a wonderful priest. Please, help him as much as you can!


Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I am a seminarian studying with the SSPX. I have completed four years at the seminary, and have a few more before ordination.

I wished to appeal to your charity for your help. Vox Clamantis suggested this would be a good place to do so.

First, I am in need of your prayers. Seminary formation presents many opportunities for progress and grace and a seminarian needs special graces to even correspond to this formation. Many of those graces come only thanks to those who pray and sacrifice for us. Thus, I need your prayers and sacrifices; not only I , but other seminarians as well. We all need them.

Secondly, while prayers and sacrifices are the most important thing we need, they do not (directly, at least) pay bills, and a seminarian has many.

We have tuition, class supplies (including clerical clothing), and miscellaneous personal expenses (travel, toiletries, stamps). These add up. Most seminarians and clerics are forbidden from taking up a job on breaks to earn money, so must rely on family or friends to for their needs. Those without family or freinds to help need other benefactors.

I am in this latter situation, and appeal to your charity for help.

While financial help (of any amount, even a few dollars), would be most appreciated, if you could not help financially, you could do two other things which would be even more helpful than an outright donation:

(1) You could offer your prayers (a spiritual benefactor), or, (2) you could ask around to those you think would be willing or able to give some amount of money (a logistic benefactor).

Tuition is about $7,000 per year, supplies amount to about $200 per year, and personal expenses about $500 each year.

I do have a few generous benefactors who have helped to cover some of these expenses. Not all is covered each year.

In particular, the seminary will be making a pilgrimage to Lourdes this coming year at a cost of about $2500 each. Such a trip is a mandatory part of the formation along with a later pilgrimage to Rome in a couple of years. It would be a great relief to find benefactors sufficient to cover this expense in particular, even if only over time.

Each day, the intentions of benefactors are remembered in my Rosary, Mass, Communion and the offices I recite. Provided I reach Ordination, you would be frequently remembered in Masses I say.

If you would be willing to help financially, I could accept funds through Google Wallet, PayPal or by check.

If you would be consider helping more immediately with PayPal or Google Wallet, you can contact Vox Clamantis by PM, she has an e-mail address for me to which PayPal funds could be sent. After July 29, you can contact me directly.

If you wanted to send a check or have questions, please feel free to PM me. I will away until July 29 working at boys' camps, but will reply ASAP when I return.

Checks made out to me would be the easiest (I could divide it between tuition, supplies and personal expenses as the need demands), if you would rather, checks could be made out to the seminary in order to cover some of my tuition. Unfortunately, tuition payments are not tax-deductible, since it pays for a service and is not a donation according to the IRS.

If you are able to be a spiritual benefactor, please pray and PM me to let me know your name, so I can pray for you by name.

If you think you know others who could help me, please let me know who you are too, so I can offer my prayers, and let me know who I can contact to make my appeal.

I am sincerely grateful for anything you could do to help, especially prayers! I am not the only seminarians in existence, though so, if you know another seminarian personally, please support him! While I am in need, I am not the only one, and certainly not the most deserving. Should I get excess funds, these will go toward the support of the more needy of my fellow seminarians.

Finally, might I also appeal to your generosity to keep FE running. Vox does a great deal of work keeping this place up and running, and the costs she incurs as part of this do not go away, Advertisers and donors, however, do come and go and recently have gone.

It would be a shame if FE could not stay around to provide a place to answer questions and discuss the faith and news with fellow Catholics. I would happily forgo some of the help you might offer me to ensure FE's security.

My thanks, and of course prayers.


As MagisterMusicae said, just PM me if you are able and willing to help,
and I will give you the information you need to help this very fine young man become a priest!

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