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Full Version: Can't Hollywood Stick to the Facts!.
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Why does Hollywood always want to stage Saint Michael the Archangel against St. Gabriel the Archangel. Michael fought Lucifer not Gabriel!. I wish the church would come out against Hollywood and tell them that their material is offensive and not understood by Christians, and Muslims for that matter, as Hollywood interprets the events. I really wish an accurate account of the events would  be made into a blockbuster film. Rather than LIES!!!. >:(

Two good examples.

"Dominion" on SyFy

"Legion" a movie.
Hollywood can't stick to historical facts either:

In the real "Great Escape" the was no American (tho' Steve McQueen did a great job in the movie)

In the movie U571 the Americans captured the U boat and hence the Enigma Machine, but in reality it was a British sub HMS Bulldog who stole it from U110.

In the Movie "To End All Wars" based on a true story about British POWs under the Japanese there's an American Character - Yanker (Kiefer Sutherland) - thrown in to play the plucky (non-existent) American.

Hollywood's selling movie tickets, popcorn, and an agenda. Truth doesn't fit in there anywhere.