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Full Version: Knownothingism: the scourge of nativism in America
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(07-08-2014, 06:04 PM)Clare Brigid Wrote: [ -> ]Old Salt, I would not want to live anywhere else, either.  However, I don't idolize this country; that's a sin against the First Commandment.  It's clear that you don't, but this is one of the errors that I would like to challenge.

Here is an excellent talk by Charles Coulombe on the heresy of Americanism.

My experience is somewhat similar to Old Salt's in that I've lived for 20 years abroad (Israel and Great Britain) and have traveled extensively, both in the North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  I would not now want to live anywhere else (that I can think of at the moment  :grin:).  And I also don't idolize this country or any other country.  Nor do I wish to be thought of as doing so, or considered to be a racist or a bigot or un-Christian simply because I oppose certain policies and/or lack of enforcement of existing laws and avoiding adherence to the Constitution by the (current) government of this country. 
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