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Full Version: The Banished Heart and Liturgy as Theologia Prima
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Has anyone read Geoffrey Hull's "The Banished Heart?" I am reading it right now and it is quite amazing. If anyone has read it or is reading or even has not read it, what do you think of the notion of the liturgy as "theology prima?"
What do you and what does the book mean by theology prima? I've heard of the book before and wouldn't mind reading it. If you mean that the liturgy should be where we learn true theology (and if by liturgy you mean the whole cycle of Divine.Serviced,the Office etc.) I'd agree. The more I pray the Office and contemplate the liturgy the more I see that it contains an unfathomable depth of theological content and that it is one of if not the best places to learn theology. It's been said that many pious illiterate peasants of old learned all they needed by attending Matins,Vespers and the Liturgy.