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Full Version: The Third Temple
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This is bad. Really bad. From

Read also "What Happened When Jews Tried to Rebuild the Temple Under Julian the Apostate, a Successor of Constantine the Great," on the FE website.

Build the Third Temple
Don't make history. Make the future. Build the Temple.

Jerusalem, Israel Community

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the peace we all long for in the Middle East?

The Third Temple in Jerusalem will be the House of Prayer for all nations. Every prophet of Israel, without exception, prophesied that the Temple would be rebuilt, ushering a new era of universal harmony and peace. The "movement" to rebuild the Holy Temple was born almost 2,000 years ago, at the moment of the Second Temple's Destruction.

After millennia of yearning, only one organization is paving the way for the rebuilding of the Temple. The Temple Institute (מכון המקדש) located in the Old City of Jerusalem is a research organization dedicated to the preparing for the construction of the Third Temple, including the recreation of 60 sacred Temple vessels ready for use once the Temple is rebuilt. These include the High Priest's breastplate featuring the twelve precious stones of the tribes of Israel, the half-ton golden menorah, and the musical instrument of the Levitical choir.

Now is time for one of its most ambitious projects yet: completing architectural plans for the actual construction, fusing ancient texts and modern technology. While strictly adhering to the religious requirements set forth in Biblical texts, the Third Temple will also be equipped with every modern amenity: full computerization, underground parking, temperature control, elevators, docks for public transportation, wheelchair access, and much more.

It is not enough to wait and pray for the Third Temple. It is a Biblical obligation to build it.

Where Will Your Money Go?

The Temple Institute has engaged an architect to map out the modern Third Temple's construction. Your contribution will go towards completing this ambitious project and the continued research and development which will make the Third Temple a reality.

With every detail of the future Temple's requirements listed in the written and oral law, our architects are not only designers, but Torah scholars who will ensure that everything is built to the highest modern standards, while adhering to the letter of Jewish law.

Several years ago, the Temple Institute and the architectural firm accompanying this project successfully completed plans for the section of the Temple that will house the Sanhedrin (Lishkat HaGazit - Chamber of Hewn Stone) at the cost of $30,000. Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute can be seen examining some of these plans here.

A video with 3D architectural renderings of the Chamber can be seen in the gallery section of this campaign, alongside photographs of some of the 60 sacred vessels made for use in the Third Temple.

As in any building project of great proportions, the actual building of the Holy Temple cannot proceed without this stage of preparation. The current campaign target is $100,000 so that the Temple Institute can begin to produce the operative plans for the entire Temple complex. The full cost of these plans is estimated at $300,000. Every dollar donated will enable you to become a part of the future, directly investing in the eventual rebuilding of the Temple.

Myth and Fact


    The Temple will come down miraculously from the sky.
    The Temple will be achieved through violence.
    The Temple will be open to limited Jewish groups.


The Third Temple will be built through human effort in the natural course of human events. As predicted by the prophets, the Holy Temple stands for the sanctity of human life and peace and will be the center of an inspiring pilgrimage for all people.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help. Share our video and campaign with others.


If you'd like to contact us about this campaign, visit the contact page of our website or e-mail us at

Please note, donations via this IndieGogo campaign are tax-deductible in the United State. You will receive a receipt for your donation. If you'd like to donate the old fashion way via check, please visit our donation page.

Read also "What Happened When Jews Tried to Rebuild the Temple Under Julian the Apostate, a Successor of Constantine the Great," on the FE website.

So, they're raising money to hire people to plan the building of this monstrosity which will probably take sh**loads of additional money and years and years to build?  I wouldn't get too excited, and I definitely wouldn't be stocking up on turtle doves, pigeons and lambs for the sacrificing :-P

Most Jews who actually have money are either secular or Reform.  If they're reform, they think that every synagogue is a Temple, that is why they use "Temple" to refer to their synagogues.  Even among the Orthdox Jews I used to roll with, I can't think of any that w ould say "Putting on tefilin isn't messy enough, let's go back to slaying pigeons, we have enough of them here in NYC anyway zm i right?!"
They have a long way to go. The Temple Mount remains under Islamic control and is a very touchy subject. Even after Israel captured the site it agreed to control by the Waqf and promised not to disturb anything on the site, not least of which is the Dome of the Rock which would have to be demolished to rebuild the Temple. That would bring on jihad for sure.  Non Muslims are even banned from praying there and Israeli police enforce the ban.


Given the intense scrutiny the modern state of Israel receives from the UN and the MidEast, it's highly doubtful they will even purchase the land to build the temple. BTW that temple looks like sh**
Is this a joke? If you freeze the second video in the first 5 seconds you can see a book cover on the right side of the screen entitled "Building a Sanctuary for Dummies".