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Full Version: Pope Francis distances himself from conservative bishops.
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From a spanish interview with "La Nacion" he gave on the 6th.

He even says the Church should "embrace" the "youth" who co-habitate.

The nightmare continues.
He doesn't distance himself.  He quite clearly said he enjoys engaging with them, and he invites them to participate in discussions.  The title of this thread, and that article, is a massive injustice.
No its not an injustice.  If you speak Spanish you know very well what the spanish article says., including what the Pope says about embracing cohabitating couples.

I guess now even the people at Lifesite news are insane, fear mongers who "misinterpret" since it is they who tittled their article under te same name of the topic 
(10-09-2014, 07:36 PM)spikepaga Wrote: [ -> ]I guess now even the people at Lifesite news are insane, fear mongers who "misinterpret"
I would not disagree with that statement.
Well, he does distance himself. Its kinda implicit in the phrase “I even enjoy debating very conservative bishops” that he is not a very conservative bishop himself.
Are we to blame translation for a convoluted phrase that would falsely renders the Pope on the opposition with very conservative bishops in a debate?

I kinda understand the Pope's anxiety on how we approach people living in sin. I have plenty of family members who are living in sin, and to just state that fact would alienate me from them and them from the Church.
Though I could not yet bring anyone to the Church in the fullest sense (some are more religious and some are indeed coming back slowly), I think I made some advances; by not emphasizing that they are wrong, but by showing how great is God, Jesus and the Church, and that only God through the Church can provide the real beata vita, only God can satisfy our souls, and so on; and by implication how everything else is lacking and its just plain dumb to search for the good life anywhere else.
I think only when people realize these things can we properly call they are sinning: because then they will know they are indeed rejecting the summum bonum and stooping down to created things, rejecting love, etc.

I don't know if the Pope has this in mind or if he just wants to make peace with the world, but anyway, there you go.
Perhaps they have halitosis?
I do know Spanish, and Prie Dieu's interpretation is correct.
It is very interesting that the title suggests the Pope had somehow said something to distance himself from conservative bishops. He said nothing of the sort.
Even more interesting is the question that the journalists asked the Pope, because they asked him about the book published by the cardinals that was "critical of his positions." Even Lifesite does not pick up on the fact that none of the authors of the book suggest that the positions mentioned therein are those of the Pope, but those of Cardinal Kasper. The journalists that asked the question asked a very tricky question, twisting the authors' intentions into something they are not.

Finally, what the Pope says about cohabiting young people is simply normal. You have a problem. He calls it a problem. Then he asks what we are to do with this problem. And he answers that the Church has to somehow get to these people, reach out to them. He didn't say you had to canonize them. He said reach out to them, not exclude them. And that is the correct answer. We do not exclude sinners. We are sinners. Our Lord did not take kindly to Pharisaical criticisms about His hanging out with 'sinners.' We are all sinners, so if we have to exclude sinners, we have to get out ourselves and leave a nice, clean, but empty Church. No sinners in it. No one at all in it.

This is the kind of weird stuff that makes me want to defend this Pope, who I really just don't like.

I will say I am very interested to see what is happening to Lifesite. This is the beginning of what may become a moment of truth for non-Trad Catholics who become disgruntled with a Pope. This, I think, would be a healthy sort of moment-of-truth. Up to now, such groups and institutions and associations have not been bothered by post-war popes, because their "thing" has been defended. The non-Trad Catholic has been busy with pro-life battles for decades, and many have not felt the disenchantment felt by Trads because they simply do not prioritize liturgy and doctrine. For this, such people have found it hard to sympathize with Trads. But what will happen if the winds change direction, and the strong pro-life rhetoric they could count on in popes of the past is switched for a more social-justice message? It will be interesting to watch.
(10-09-2014, 06:02 PM)spikepaga Wrote: [ -> ]From a spanish interview with "La Nacion" he gave on the 6th.

He even says the Church should "embrace" the "youth" who co-habitate.

The nightmare continues.
The Church should embrace everyone. That doesn't mean that we condone their sin. The idea is to lead them away from that sin.
Pope Francis spoke at length about his relations with the government of his native Argentina, and said that he is comfortable with a lively debate at the Synod of Bishops, in a new interview published by the Argentine daily La Nacion.

When journalist Joaquín Morales Solá asked him whether he was concerned about the recently published books in which a number of cardinals have criticized the “Kasper proposal,” the Pope replied: “No.” He continued: “Everyone has something to contribute. I personally enjoy debating very conservative bishops, especially those who are intellectually well formed.”

Father Federico Lombardi, the director of the Vatican press office, declined to comment on the Pope’s words. “I have no knowledge of this interview,” he said. “I know nothing about it.”

The interview was conducted at the Domus Sanctae Marthae

He likes an interchange with the conservative bishops who are intellectually well formed. What's wrong with tat as long as at the end of the day we all make the profession of faith.
Maldon, suppose I say to you: “Everyone has something to contribute. I even enjoy debating Protestants, but intellectually well formed Protestants”.
What do you get from that? That I'm a Protestant?

Also, from the interview he doesn't even contests that his views were attacked by the “very conservative bishops”
Quote:¿Le preocupa el libro crítico a sus posiciones que acaba de conocerse firmado por cinco cardenales, uno muy destacado? "No -contesta-. Todos tienen algo que aportar. A mí me da hasta placer discutir con los obispos muy conservadores, pero bien formados intelectualmente."

If the Pope simply doesn't agree with “very conservative bishops” -- and let's be honest, he probably doesn't -- there's nothing wrong in him distancing himself from them (though I concede that this expression might carry excessive meanings that are not implicit [or explicit] in the answer).
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