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Full Version: Names like "Golden Sequence" and "Mary's Dowry"?
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We hear so many colloquial names & titles for famous things in the Church. For example, "Mary's Dowry" is a title supposedly ascribed to England in the Middle-Ages, because of that nation's love of - and dedication to - the Virgin. The sequence for Pentecost Mass "Veni, Sancte Spiritus" was apparently called "The Golden Sequence" by many.

Everywhere I read things like these, I never see an explanation. Since this forum is for Catholic culture as well as history, I wonder if we could discuss famous names, titles, and ideas that exist in our Faith... that we may understand them better!

This may go nowhere, but I wanted to try anyway...  :)
Tierra de Maria Santissima is the title of Cavite, the province in which I currently live. The reason is that it is a hotbed for Marian devotion since the beginning. There is a healthy concentration of famous Marian images scattered all over Cavite. The patron saint of the Cathedral church and the diocese is Our Lady of the Pillar. The oldest Marian icon in the Philippines, Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga, is found in Cavite City, the namesake city of the province.

Pueblo Amante de Maria is the title referred to the whole Philippine islands due to the devotion to the Virgin that is very prevalent in the islands. From Pangasinan, the Lady of Manaoag, from Manila, La Naval, from Silang in Cavite we have Candelaria, from Naga, Peñafrancia de Naga, from Cebu, we have Guadalupe alongside the Infant Child of Cebu, from Zamboanga in Mindanao (the majority of people in Mindanao is Muslim), Our Lady of the Pillar (the same as in Imus, Cavite). There are other Marian images in a specific area that I have forgotten at this moment, but they are very numerous and widely venerated from area to area.