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Full Version: Real Amish worship service singing Salve Regina
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(10-29-2014, 02:40 AM)Cyriacus Wrote: [ -> ]Within their services, Amish use the Ausbund, an Anabaptist hymnal from the 16th Century. The Salve Regina is not among these hymns. No musical notation is included in the hymnal, but it has been argued that elements of the music traditionally sung in Amish worship are derived from Gregorian chant. So, you might be on to something, even though the music in that clip was not authentic to Amish worship.

An example of a hymn from the Ausbund

Well then the BBC was very deceptive in the way they presented it as being a "real Amish prayer service".  >:(

It was very pretty music, though.  I like it.
I saw a film some years ago you might appreciate. It is a very sympathetic portrait of Amish life and has a wealth of information from those raised in the faith. There is no BBC-style sensationalism.

"The Amish: A People of Preservation"
Thanks! Will watch whilst sewing.  :)
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