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Full Version: BREAKING: Catholic Answers Becomes "Cosmic Answers"
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

BREAKING: Catholic Answers Becomes “Cosmic Answers”

[Image: 85eaadb12c96831e2dd8e8d0ba75e08b_XL.jpg]

(A-CNN) Today, in a surprise move, Karl Keating announced plans to completely overhaul his Neo-Catholic apologetics apostolate Catholic Answers. The plans were announced on Keating’s Facebook page and can be read below:

Greetings to my 4,926 Facebook friends! Let me start by saying that what you are about to read will come as a shock to you.  However, after countless hours of reflecting and praying during my various hiking trips across the globe (see HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE), I have come to the following startling realization. 

I have decided that Catholic Answers’ work is now done. Yes, you heard me correctly. When I started this apostolate in 1979 I wanted to defend the Faith against the errors of Protestantism, win converts, and help build the Catholic Church into a thriving, fruitful, invigorated institution. Well, nearly 35 years later I can truly say, “Mission Accomplished!”

Read the rest HERE.
Senior Catholic Answers Apologist Jimmy Akin has some really good things to say on Youtube.....about Low Carb Cooking!  :)  He may not exactly be a traditional Catholic, but he makes a great low-carb pizza pie (the key is using egg whites to bind the ingredients together).  :w2go:
I am wondering what planet Mr. Keating is from?? ???