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Full Version: Swiss Catholic Priest Blesses Aberrosexual Couple
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Quote:Swiss Catholic Priest Blesses Aberrosexual Couple

Switzerland: "The form of this blessing was not significantly different from a wedding," said the responsible priest - Catholic News Agency "kipa" refers in its report to the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family.

Bürglen ( Wendelin Bucheli, Catholic priest in Bürglen / Diocese of Chur, has announced the blessing of two lesbian women in the village church. "Its form is not that significantly different from a wedding", Bucheli explained to the "Urner Weekly". He was first asked to and had then dealt with the question of blessing same-sex unions, he did this by speaking with a fellow Jesuit priest. The crucial question for him was: "Can I carry out blessing in the name and will God?" But, "today, there are animals, automobiles and even weapons blessed. Why should we not bless a pair that wants its path together with God?" said the priest according to "Urner Weekly." According to "Radio Pilatus" the pastor had not informed the diocese of Chur.

The international Catholic press agency "kipa" also reported this blessing ceremony for a gay couple. According to 'kipa', the the pastor had informed the whole parish team, the churches and the parish council about it, all are supposed to have supported his decision. "Kipa" explained in the concluding paragraph under the subheading "What the Synod of Bishops Told," continues: "In the Final Declaration on October 18th of the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family it is said that, men and women with homosexual inclinations are to be treated with kindness and sympathy.' There should be avoided any form of unfair discrimination' against them. The question is, what pastoral approach is appropriate in the concrete situation in light of the Church's teaching, which meant that it gives no foundation 'to produce between homosexual unions and the plan of God on marriage and family analogies, and not in another sense.'" The "kipa" is co-financed by the Catholic Church of Switzerland, but according to their self representation they work in editorial independence.

In a comment in "Urner Weekly" you can read in that "a majority of Catholic bishops had recently approved at the family Synod in Rome, an opening towards homosexual people." The "Urner weekly" interpreted this as a positive signal that encourages "Pastoral assistants like Venelin Bucheli to open their arms to take care of all Catholics. And that's good!
Is there a forum for liberal Catholics? You know, like FE is for trads, CAF is for conservatives, is there something for liberal/modernist/progressive Catholics? It would be *great* to read their comments on all those things that we're worried about. I'm just curious.
Well, the rest of the world belongs to them. The universities, the websites, the newspapers, etc.
Yeah but those are journalists etc. I'm interested in regular folks who are progressive Catholics.
(11-04-2014, 09:04 AM)PolishTrad Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah but those are journalists etc. I'm interested in regular folks who are progressive Catholics.

Not a forum, but people comment on the articles, so it's sort of close e'nuff.
Not a forum but pretty liberal site

Hey, I thought CAF WAS a liberal site. Could have fooled me, I've been ejected from there once before for being too conservative and confrontational.
Lord have mercy.