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Full Version: New Attack on the Church
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The Archdiocese of Washington, DC, has warned priests that an unidentified group of protesters has staged demonstrations outside local Catholic churches, and in at least two cases entered the church to disrupt services.

Bishop Barry Knestout, the vicar general of the archdiocese, has written to all local priests, alerting them to the possibility of demonstrations. He reports that the group has used bullhorns to shout anti-Catholic slogans and has passed out “fundamentalist literature.” The bishop’s letter advises priests to alert their parish staff members, to be prepared for the possibility of demonstrations, and to contact police if there is any danger of disruptions.

Priests and parish staff should react calmly to provocations, Bishop Knestout says, but ushers should not allow people to enter the church with bullhorns or placards. The bishop’s letter includes proposed announcements that might be read to protesters if they enter the church and to the congregation if a protester is removed.
... Bad stuff... Crime is increasing.. like hell..!!
Sounds like the Westboro Baptists.
I understand the Bishop's call to react calmly to the protestors.  I can however see myself reacting in a physically confrontative manner, especially if the Body or Blood of our Lord is threatened.
We get the Orange Lodge marching past our chapels during mass. They time it really well for during the consecration and bang their drums as loud as possible, stopping outside the chapels for a few minutes.