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Full Version: sign the petition: Help bring the FSSP to Orange County
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sign the petition and promote it Smile

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is a beautiful treasure that we have in the Catholic Church. This form of the Mass has been sadly obscured for quite a number of years, but with the Motu Proprios of Ecclesia Dei by Saint John Paul II, and Summorum Pontificum by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, this particular form of the Mass, also known as the Latin Mass is making a growing comeback. Various people are attracted to this specific form of the Mass.

Although there are already a number of parishes that offer the ExtraOrdinary Form of the Mass, such as those offered by various Norbertine Priests, by helping bring in the Fraternity Society of Saint Peter (FSSP) I strongly believe that the Diocese of Range will greatly prosper. The FSSP as you may already know it, offers this particular form of the Mass exclusively. This reality will help those who feel a strong attachment to this specific form of the Mass to grow spiritually in this tradition of the Church.

The diocese of Los Angeles have themselves recently made such decision in bringing in the FSSP through Archbishop Jose Gomez. This is such a beautiful reality. May we ourselves do the same action and inspire other Catholics to discover or rather to rediscover this treasure which has been part of the Church for many years.
They are currently under Father James Fryar, FSSP trying to establish their own personal pariah in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. i know their Superior Father John Berg, FSSP wants 2 or more priests in each apostolate so the priests can pray the office together, so i think the Diocese of Orange will have to wait a bit, it's not like the FSSP has many priests to spare.