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Full Version: Cardinal Sarah
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Reports of this have popped up as part of the next round of "reform." Is he even a liturgist? I don't know, but I'm asking because (1) he has been very outspoken in supporting the Church's teaching on a variety of issues, (2) I have noticed that he's never offered a TLM, and (3) the prefecture at the CDW has been the source of a lot of speculation since Cardinal Canizares was sent back to Spain.
He is in, it's official now. I believe he did attend the observances on Summorum Pontificum and gave a talk there too.
But yeah, I can't find anything that says he has a background in liturgy.

Not having a "background" in liturgy may be a plus these days . . .
He certainly appears to be solid, I mean, these days African prelates are far more conservative than their European and American counterparts, although there might be some hidden and sinister reason why Francis chose him... Only time will tell. At heart I believe the future of Catholicism is in Africa and Asia, not Western Europe.
I agree with formerbuddhist, both as to the selection and with respect to the future of Catholicism.

I have to say I am baffled by his selection, especially since what he said about VII in 2012 is, in my view, a condemnation of everything this current pontificate has stood for thus far:

"The spirit of the Council has at times been understood in a wrong way, as, for instance, in the temptation of making use of the criteria of the world to engage in dialogue with the world. I think in particular of liturgical deviations, of the downsizing of salvation to a temporal messianism, to an understanding of the Christian life as a sort of humanitarian commitment, to the foundation of social actions inspired by dialectic, and therefore losing the originality of the Christian message. But "opening up to the world" does not mean abolishing the contradiction between the Gospel and the world, nor to tone down the Christian message. It is rather to present to our world the message of the Gospel in all its purity. It is Christ who is the light of the world, as the Council affirms."

The above I got on rorate:
This sounds like good news, so far.
There may be another angle to this. In 2011, Cardinal Sarah clashed with Cardinal  Rodriguez Maradiaga over some issues involving Caritas. This may be an off the cuff decision to put Sarah in an equivalent position so that Pope Francis can put someone else in at Cor Unum which will likely be consolidated into a new dicastery, perhaps under Maradiaga himself.