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Full Version: Church's first Latin Mass in 50 years! Please support!
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Peace be with you all,

I have great news! By word of mouth I heard Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Maywood, New Jersey, will be celebrating its first Latin High Mass in over fifty years!

The mass will be at 7:30 PM on Friday, January 9, 2015.

If you or any acquaintances live in the area, please attend to support a newly sprouting Latin mass in a Novus ordo parish.

God bless!
As I understand it, the Priest is trying to have the Pastor permit a regular Latin Mass, so attendance is important. Again, if you are from the area or know people who can support the Latin mass please pass the word along!
While I don't live in New Jersey (Kentucky), how wonderful for you!!!

I pray that the mass has a large number of the faithful in attendance and that will encourage them to have more masses in the future.  We rarely attend a NO mass any longer since we have a traditional mass nearby.  No comparison. 

God Bless this wonderful venture.