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Full Version: Brotherhood of Saint Dismas to expand its parish
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Brotherhood of Saint Dismas to expand its parish

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The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas a relatively young Catholic group is expanding its boundaries as it opens a brand new chapter in Orange County California. The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas (which I belong to) is perhaps one of the most liturgically and doctrinally orthodox and traditional group in all of Southern California. The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas really has been a source of spiritual growth for many (including myself), and various other people who have been part of the group either directly or indirectly.

The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas was started in 2004 by a Norbertine priest Fr. Adrian Sanchez O.Praem from Saint Michael’s Abbey, which is the home of the Norbertine Canons in Orange County. The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas originally started with the specific charism of helping inmates and other fellow Catholics who were living a bad life and who had just got out of jail. Through this humble start the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas had helped many of these individuals to dramatically readjust and reorient their lives towards Christ and the Catholic Faith. Throughout the years though the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas has broaden its doors and has been in general an all mens confraternity which has taken the specific charisms of penance and evangelization, by which the members of this group strive to both sanctify and growth in holiness in their daily lives, as well as to be deeply formed and catechized in the Holy Catholic Faith.

Thus a great aspect about the brotherhood as stated above is that it is known for its doctrinally and liturgically orthodoxy. The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas is under the spiritual direction of the Norbertine Fathers.

The Brotherhood is great because it strongly stresses the call of men of being the spiritual fathers of their home. This group is really great because it creates real husbands, fathers, friends, and overall productive and virtues members of community and society. This is true in regards to the raising of their family’s spiritual and catechetical instruction. Through the group many young men including myself are also discerning the priesthood and or religious life.

The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas meets once a week. All meetings start with the rosary and afterwards the members of the group read the readings for the Mass. After the readings have been read, an appointed professed brother gives a well-researched and articulated presentation and summarization of the readings.

Once a month all of the members both the professed and the novitiates get spiritual formation either by a Norbertine priest (first year novitiate) or by a knowledgeable lay person usually Victor Gallardo for those in the Diocese of Orange (for the second year novitiates and the professed members)

The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas has lately been a great proponent regarding the usages of both the Tridentine Latin Mass (extraordinary form) as well as the usage of Ad Orientem (liturgical east) for the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

One a month the Brotherhood of Saint Dismas also offers a private Mass for its members and all those who want to attend. In the new Chapter of Saint John the Baptist, the private Mass will be offered in the Extraordinary form of the Mass (Tridentine Mass) as well as spiritually formed by Fr. Claude Williams O.Praem.

The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas nonetheless also stresses corporal works of mercy. This is true in the various activities such as feeding the homeless, and conducting missionary trips to Mexico that the Brotherhood engages in.

The Brotherhood of Saint Dismas will now have parish chapters in Anaheim, Orange, Costa Mesa, San Fernando, Wilmington, and in the future hopefully in places such as Pacoima, West Covina, and many more. I really think that the brotherhood is one of the groups in Southern California which is doing more to end the crisis in the Church than any other group after Una Voce and other related groups.

The title should be Brotherhood of Saint Dismas expands its Chapter (I have  changed the original title)
Great News Arturo , we need a group of solid men who are completely 100% orthodox around.
(01-21-2015, 08:57 PM)salus Wrote: [ -> ]Great News Arturo , we need a group of solid men who are completely 100% orthodox around.

This is true. Fr. claude who is taking over the Saint John the Baptist Chapter is a truly great priest. He is my spiritual director and i have altar serve for him. I currently altar serve for him for a Spanish Mass and I am going to start altar serving for his Latin Mass. Just for his Spanish Mass alone he has restored a lot of essential things such as Latin (Gloria, Agnus Dei, Sanctus all chanted) and i believe in the future he wants to do Ad Orientem as well.

Nevertheless the Brotherhood itself is 100% Orthodox. I have learned most of the things from this group than i ever did in the Liberal R.C.I.A I was in