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Full Version: Pope visits poor neighborhood
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Pope Francis made a surprise visit to a shanty town on Sunday evening, February 9, during a visit to a parish on the outskirts of Rome.

While traveling to the parish of San Michele Arcangelo, the Pope stunned the people of the shanty town known as Campo Arcobaleno when he stepped out of his car and spent about 10 minutes mingling with the residents. The people of Campo Arcobaleno, many of them immigrants from South America, shouted their welcome in Spanish. The residents were completely surprised by the visit.

Continuing on to the church of San Michele Arcangelo, the Holy Father met with the parents of newly baptized children, and said that he worried about the number of Catholic children who do not know basic prayers. Later, speaking to older children, he said that the Devil is the origin of hatred, of dishonesty, and of war.

During his homily at a Mass celebrated in the parish, the Pope encouraged the faithful to spend a few minutes every day reading the New Testament. “Have this daily contact with the Gospel,” he said. “Pray with the Gospel.”
That all sounds like fine stuff to me.
Quote:Pope visits poor neighborhood

That's fine. 

Although, it's not hard to imagine his PR manager could have orchestrated this.
I know what I am about to say is terrible,

But I personally no longer give a <> about any of Pope Francis visits to the poor, surprise phone calls , impromptu dinners with the Vatican workers or make shift showers behind St Peters Basilica. I am sick of it all. I have become desensitized and hard of heart due to reasons well known to us.  I am now no longer able to see him as anything other than scandal on wheels or as the wrath of God manifest.

I will try to do better

I honestly don't blame your feeling too much. Many atheists do great things for the poor. If Jesus just went around helping the poor, he wouldn't have accomplished much. Helping the poor is only part of the mission.
Frankly I have no problem with this. Yes, its probably a PR move, but then again, almost everything in this papacy is, and this is certainly better than bashing large families, supporting transgenderism, or mocking altar boys who have their hands in prayer position.
Also, its not like he hates the poor ans is doing this only for the image. He probably knows this is something genuinely good.
Who cares...  meanwhile the church is in free Fall
"Why is he smiling when the Church is in ruins. What is to smile about?"

(Can't resist.)