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Full Version: Breeding Like Rabbits, and Spin
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From an article from Crux comes this line:
Quote: Because he’s such a beguiling media personality, Pope Francis says and does lots of things that get spun as revolutionary but really aren’t. Saying Catholics don’t have to breed “like rabbits,” for instance, is irresistible as a sound-bite, but remarkably old-hat as official teaching.
Doesn't that seem so "par for the course" when it comes to defenses of some of the things Pope Francis says? Yeah, at no time did the Church ever teach that Catholics must "breed like rabbits" or have as many children as they possibly could so in that sense, it's "remarkably old-hat". But did anyone ever think Catholics do have to breed like rabbits?

To me, it'd be like if the Pope had said, "Catholics don't need to slap chickens while singing the Star-Spangled Banner." That'd be one "irresistible sound-bite," but one'd think the focus wouldn't be on its "irresistibleness" What would come to my mind would be something like, "Did Catholics ever have to slap chickens while singing the Star-Spangled Banner? I didn't know that!" And if it isn't so that Catholics never had to slap chickens while singing the American anthem, then why would the Pope bring it up?

There's obviously something the Pope was trying to say that isn't "old-hat as official teaching" or he wouldn't have said anything at all, or, if he had, it wouldn't make headlines. But it gets spun by folks as "eh, he's just repeating Catholic teaching again."

It seems that that's often the case with Pope Francis. He'll say things that are strictly accurate, but easily spinnable -- and easily taken to be against Catholic teaching, especially by the revolutionary-minded and, interestingly enough, the toxic trad types who latch on to any little thing in order to count a coup against the Pope, and who seem unable to think with much subtlety. But instead of pointing this out and criticizing it, even while giving the Pope the benefit of the doubt and pointing out its strict accuracy, it's spun by certain types of Catholics to be just "old-hat as official teaching." The implied insult against Catholics with large families is overlooked, how the revolutionaries very easily see it because of how he puts things is overlooked, the deeper possible reasons he says what he says at all in the first place is overlooked. "Old-hat official teaching" doesn't make the headlines. It never does and never will (unless it's something to make the Church look bad somehow). But that gets overlooked as well.

So why did Pope Francis say that? What was he getting at? What assumptions was he making in the first place? Does he think that Catholics think they have to "breed like rabbits"? Does he think the secular world thinks that? Why does a certain type of Catholic thinks it all has to be characterized as just "old-hat official teaching" when there's also obviously something underneath it all that he's trying to say, or something underneath it all that the secular media types think they see?