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Full Version: Vatican ends crackdown of LCWR
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Quote:VATICAN CITY — The Vatican has unexpectedly ended its controversial overhaul of the main umbrella group of U.S. nuns, cementing a shift in tone and treatment of the U.S. sisters under the social justice-minded Pope Francis.

The Vatican said Thursday it had accepted a final report on its investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and declared the “implementation of the mandate has been accomplished” nearly two years ahead of schedule. The umbrella group for women’s religious orders had been accused of straying from church teaching.


Well this sucks, but sadly I am not surprised. I have finally made up my mind about our Holy Father after about two years of looking at his papacy (as opposed to trying to get too involved into the emotional drama of heretic/you're misunderstanding him) and this seems to be in line with the current PM.

I guess political correctness has invaded Rome. Woman led man astray my how history repeats itself :P
They'll be nothing in 30 years. Nearly all of them will be dead, and those who aren't will consolidate their communities more and more until there are only a few of them scattered here and there. Then, those will die off and their new-agey-looking convents will be sold.
I have yet to see a liberal religious order thrive and grow. They whither off, and quickly. After the Jesuits turned their mission primarily into one of bringing about social justice rather than the salvation of souls, ditching their habits, and watering down the Ignatian exercises, their numbers have literally imploded.
Gee, that was a big let down: in the main page of the forum one can only read “Vatican ends crackdown...”, and I immediately thought “of the FFI”. :(
I'm the one to blame for expecting sanity from this papacy.
Apparently the Vatican is not all that interested in continuing the crackdown. oh well, we have no leaders anymore except for our prayerbooks, catechisms, spiritual companions and a handful of priests and bishops, many of them not in full communion. It is what it is.
If you're a religious and don't wear the habit, you should be used as canon fodder...just to be on the safe side
Just to be totally clear the SSPX is still in schism.

....and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

What's more important now is to support the traditional religious orders, and those religious orders that do celebrate the new form of the mass, but who are properly Catholic in their teaching and mission.