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Full Version: Changing a Sacramental
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I have a doubt concerning sacramentals. Today I had a Benedictine Medal blessed in the old rite. My doubt is, the medal is attached to something, like a keyholder thingy. I don't plan on attaching it to my keys, and I can only take it out with some difficulty (one part only with a bit of violence, not to the medal, but to the thingy).
If I proceed on removing the key holder, will I be committing sacrilege or turning the blessing invalid or something?

And I'm serious here. I know my questions are usually stupid. That's why I ask them over the internet Sticking tongue out at you
I would take the sacramental to be the medal and the key holder to be a separate non-sacred object which is incidentally attached to it, but it may be that I have a deficient sense of reverence towards sacred objects.
There is little doubt in my mind, at least, (especially as you had it properly blessed using the old Rituale)  that only the medal was blessed, since it was named in the blessing. I say remove it from the thingy in good conscience.