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Full Version: Uncion Sagrada
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A little bit of explanation.

"Uncion Sagrada" (lit. "Sacred Unction") is defined as a characteristic of certain religious images to convey a sense ofthe sacred and would oftentimes even urge the one looking at said image to kneel, venerate and pray in front of said image.

Did anyone had ever experienced a thing with regards to a certain image of Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints? Which image? How did you feel when seeing said image?

Please do show a picture of the image.

(05-23-2015, 08:27 PM)Dirigible Wrote: [ -> ]These icons:

Icons would often be easy to attract the attention of the devotee. Their way of being made or written, their style, the way they made their gestures are straightforward, no nonsense. Their eyes look straight to the viewer, their faces often nondescript but with emotion.