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Full Version: Near Death Experiences
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From Spirit Daily

Quote:The other day we caught up with Dr. Jeffrey Long, an expert on afterlife experiences from the great state of Louisiana.

He's author of a well-received book we carry called Evidence of the Afterlife, which is based on 1,300 such accounts. It was a New York Times bestseller.

The reason for our chat was simply to find out about the latest in the field of those amazing experiences.

Dr. Long, a radiation oncologist who started the Near Death Experience Research Foundation and works in Houma, said the news in the field is that skeptical scientists still struggle to dismiss these experiences.

"Every year there seems to be a new explanation," he says. "The reason there's always a new one is that none make sense. Think about it: if they finally could explain it, they wouldn't have to do this. They have to try to come up with a new one, and they never reference previous failed explanations because they don't hold water. There isn't any consensus on how near-death experiences can occur. They remain decidedly inexplicable, even after decades of people trying to define how they occur."

The explanations, from skeptical corners -- always highlighted by the media -- have ranged from hallucinations on medical drugs or oxygen deprivation in the brain to electrical misfiring in cerebral circuitry such as high-frequency brainwave activity just before a person "flat-lines." When, for example, scientists such as Dr. Long were able to indicate that people have the experience even if they have been given no drugs, and when we see, in such experiences, remarkable cohesion and consistencies, which go far beyond a standard hallucination or dream, or when a person can describe exactly what was going on in the operating room after he or she "died," and even what their loved ones were doing in the waiting room, such rationales have fallen by the wayside.

In recent years, he says, there has been more awareness of what has been occurring, with this realm, in non-Western nations, particularly Muslim ones. And says Dr. Long: "We're finding that they're strikingly similar. It's breathtaking to me that it doesn't matter if you're a Muslim in Egypt, a Hindu in India, or a Christian in the United States." When it comes to religions, Dr. Long says one experiencer was told, "Love falls on everyone equally."

It's a matter of accepting it. Are some of these recollections New Age? Some certainly seem that way, though the first person to ever log cases in detail was a Doctor of the Church, Pope Gregory the Great.

As for the question of why so few report hellish afterlife experiences (though there are a significant number of these), Dr. Long says it's "likely to be under-reported," constituting "a little bit of a mystery." He speculates it's sometimes because it's simply an unpleasant or embarrassing memory. He says he has at least two dozen well-documented such episodes, however.

A believer in God, Dr. Long says there is no doubt the experiences are "custom-designed by Someone vastly more powerful and intelligent." In the end, such experiences bring us what he describes as "the best possible news of something beyond."