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Full Version: The Miracle of the Ordination
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The villagers of Tarkerabari in Nepal are still rejoicing over their escape from injury and death during the recent earthquake, which measured 7.8 on the Richter Scale and killed 8,000.

Tarkerabari is 125 miles from the epicenter. Ninety-three of its homes collapsed and 359 others were severely damaged. Yet despite dozens of deaths in nearby villages, only one person was injured in Tarkerabari.

Why? Because nearly the entire village was gathered in a temporary hall to celebrate the ordination to the priesthood of one of the village sons, Jesuit Deacon Tek Raj Paudel. This temporary hall held firm during the quake. Even more remarkable: The villagers turned out for the ordination and joined in the celebrations even though Fr. Paudel was the only Christian among them.

Many Hindus in Tarkerabari are giving thanks for what they are calling the "miracle of the Ordination."