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Full Version: Looking for gift for friend about to be ordained to priesthood
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My friend is getting ordained as a Diocesan Priest in two weeks. Since he is getting ordained for a diocese, he will likely either exclusively or almost exclusively celebrate the Novus Ordo, but he has respect for the TLM and I can see it as a possibility that he could celebrate it if people in his parish desire the Extraordinary Form.

With that said, I want to get him a Traditional gift, since I only go to the TLM if it is available, otherwise I will reluctantly go to an NO Mass and hope it is at least celebrated reverently. My initial thoughts were either a maniple or biretta. A biretta probably wouldn't work since I don't know his hat size and he might already have one. I don't know if he will get much use out of a maniple, since although it is allowed in the Novus Ordo, I personally haven't seen one used except in the TLM. It also might be a problem if it doesn't match his vestments very well.

Does anyone have any ideas? As much as I would love to get him something like a monstrance or cope, I don't have much money and I'm looking to spend under $50.
A confession stole would be good. He'll need one and if he already has one, he'll eventually wear it out and need another one.
Communion paten with the handle or Sanctus Bells since his parish probably won't have them LOL
I second the idea of a very nice purple Confession stole.  I so seldom see a priest wearing one at NO parishes, but when I do, I love it.  He could use it for either the EF or the NO, but if it is for the EF it should be the traditional style, which is not straight, but flares out at the bottom.  To me, seeing the stole on the priest lets me know he will be having Confession.
This would seem to fit the bill.
This is about the only one I could find:
[Image: dzKuwq1.jpg]
(06-07-2015, 10:54 PM)GangGreen Wrote: [ -> ]Communion paten with the handle or Sanctus Bells since his parish probably won't have them LOL

Those would be nice, but probably more than $50.  Also, those are usually things that parishes have, rather than individual priests.  If they don't have them, the priests use parish money to buy them, and he doesn't take them with him from the parish when he is transferred.
How about getting him a chalice an/or a paten.

I don't know, but I'd guess that newly-ordained priests get loaded down with the Rosaries and statues and other Catholic items. I'd put money on the idea that what most would really want would be a gift certificate to a bookstore or restaurant, etc. (if it were me, the bookstore would be the thing Sticking tongue out at you

To personalize it some and "warm it up," you could also get him a big assortment of nice, laminated Holy Cards that he could give out to people as a priest --to  maybe include in thank you cards or Christmas cards, etc.  That'd be doubly good if you could get ones of his favorite Saints, or ones that have a favorite prayer of his, or, especially, ones that address specific needs his parishioners might have as they go through life (say cards for those in mourning, cards for the sick, cards for women trying to conceive, cards for people trying to find a wife or husband, cards for the newly-married, cards for people who have an unconverted family member, etc.) Or maybe you can think of other items a priest would love to have that he could give out to his parishioners. I might be projecting here, but I think if I were a priest, I'd love to have a large store of things like that that I could give to the people who come to my church.