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Full Version: Ivories (and Wooden) Christian Images From Goa and the Philippines
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A wee little image of a sleeping Infant Christ.


[Image: H4113-L69940560_mid.jpg]
A Filipino depiction of the Madonna and Child

[Image: _BBB6284_g.jpg]
A Goan depiction of the Salvador del Mundo:

[Image: 84acacef8c93fc8685d166c0dc3ffe74.jpg]
A Virgin Mary from Goa.

[Image: 5300320-3x4-700x933.jpg]
A corpus from Goa:

[Image: 5300322-3x4-700x933.jpg]
A Filipino depiction of the Immaculate Conception.

[Image: Dec19_Image_9_%283%29.jpg]
An ivory image of Our Lady of the Assumption (although it looks like an Immaculate Concepcion)


[Image: NuestraSeoradelaAsuncion-1442015T18817.j...00&cvt=jpg]
A Filipino depiction of the Madonna and Child.

[Image: Neal_Auction_Ivory-Figural-Madonna-and-Child.jpg]
A Sri-Lankan Crucifix

[Image: Ceylon_Portuguese_Corpus_1_-825x492.jpg]
A Filipino depiction of Saint Francis of Assisi:

[Image: SF2.jpg]
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