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Full Version: Ivories (and Wooden) Christian Images From Goa and the Philippines
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Saint Anthony of Padua (Filipino)

[Image: antoine_padoue_1N.jpg]
An image of the Madonna and Child. Indo-Portuguese

[Image: indo-portuguese-goa-carved-ivory-of-the-madonna.jpg]
A nice grouping of figures of the Madonna and Child.


From left to right: St. Anne teaching the young Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, Madonna and Child, Our Lady of Salvation, Our Lady of the Rosary

[Image: d5867780a.jpg]
Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom. Goan.

[Image: 018f2305d99878697139869ef0d2ae19.jpg]
A Goan Salvador del Mundo.

[Image: tumblr_nq3ntqVvL81ra0moto1_500.jpg]
The Good Shepherd. From Goa.

[Image: 41904011.jpg]
Corpus. Goan.

[Image: close.JPG]
Saint Sebastian. Goan 18th - 19th Century.

[Image: a_goan_ivory_figure_of_saint_sebastian_1...87918h.jpg]
An ivory head of Christ. Filipino.

[Image: CrucifijoMarfil.JPG]
(07-09-2015, 02:33 PM)Neopelagianus Wrote: [ -> ]An ivory head of Christ. Filipino.

[img height=607 width=405][/img]
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