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Full Version: Sct. or St.
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Someone noticed I used Sct. instead of St. when referring to a saint. For instance Sct. Pope John Paul II. Its actually a small error, since its the danish way of writing it. Its short for Sancta, as in Sancta Maria, Sancta Michael, etc...

I kept at it and only noticed it recently, but I've considered continuing the practice because its visible a short of the latin rather than of 'saint'.

What's your thoughts?
I think in Latin the abbreviation is “S.”--e.g., S. Joseph, sponsi BMV.

But I don't mind your “Sct.” or your other danish stuff :P
It is not correct usage in the English language.
(07-21-2015, 11:20 PM)Poche Wrote: [ -> ]It is not correct usage in the English language.

I write in English and when I reference a female French Saint, e.g. Jeanne 'dArc, I preface her name with Ste. Same with Spanish Saints such as Teresa de Avila, I use Sta.