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Full Version: Self Deliverance
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Via Spirit Daily:

Quote:Are there certain people who drain you -- who cause a sudden loss of energy, who drag you down, who put something negative on you?

We all go through this -- and should make sure we're not the ones draining energy from others!

When we pray a lot, we unleash energy, instead of taking it from others; we give more than we receive. That's because what we receive comes from the Holy Spirit.

Why do some people cause a loss of energy?

It may be that they are negative. They could be depressed. They may be angry. They may be angry at you -- or at God. Most probably they are angry at themselves. They may wish you less than the best. They may have a spirit around them. When someone bears ill will toward us -- or is jealous -- this can cause depletion of our mental forces. We're on edge. It's an effort to be around them. Quickly should we pray for any such person -- authentically love them ("bless those who curse") -- and head for the refreshment of our "inner sanctuaries": the deepest regions of our souls for the most direct communication with Jesus (if you don't have one, build one; here is your fortress).

When Jesus Christ, Son of God, Redeemer of the World, is standing in our midst -- when we specifically invite Him, when we request a personal relationship, a new closeness -- the curse is reversed; it doesn't matter what others think of us.

Negative, critical, lazy. This causes folks to become spiritual parasites. We are also drained from the battle that transpires in our minds. This struggle goes on the entire time we're on earth. "Demons have a desire for us," notes K. A. Schneider in a splendid new book, Self Deliverance: How to Gain Victory Over the Powers of Darkness, which even those experienced in deliverance will find valuable. "Demons look ceaselessly for somebody to torment. If we miss the fact that demons will interject their own ideas into our brains, if we assume that their lives are their own, then we will take ownership of those thoughts. We will let the demons and their lies fill our heads, and we will walk in defeat."

This is why, says Schneider, that we must monitor our every thought. Too many forget that Satan can intrude into our consciousness. Suppose you are gaining victory over a certain fear. You're doing fine and then a thought comes winging in and if you let it take root, it digs deep fast, so that soon you are back to a cycle of fearing something. How Satan -- as tormentor -- loves this! How it drains us!

The key, notes Schneider, is to reject the thought immediately -- not to hover over it for a moment: if it is a thought of lust, not to "enjoy" it even briefly; if it is a thought of anger, giving it not a second thought. If it is envy, wiping it away instantly. Instead of "owning" it, speak the positive. Declare your freedom. Note the simple fact that Jesus is more powerful in every circumstance than Satan. When you make progress in this and the devil shifts tactics, be ready for it. Be ready for new mental games. Be vigilant as Scripture says, for he is a "roaring lion, seeking to devour."

Once you have trained yourself to reject his lies, and recognize it when a demon speaks thoughts into your head (which he does with everyone, sinner or saint, on a constant basis), command the spirit to leave you alone and fill your thoughts with the pure, the holy, and the positive. Say, "I reject you Satan, in the Name of Jesus, get out of my thoughts." Memorize that line. Say it frequently -- even if it's just something like the temptation ("Oh, it's all right this time") to eat what you shouldn't.

This brings peace because peace arrives when the enemy is gone and it explains why Jesus could be both "Prince of Peace" and a "Man of war," battling evil. Peace only comes (and inner strength -- energy -- only builds up) when we have banished the enemy, who drains like nothing else.

"Self-deliverance is not like waving a magic wand," writes Schneider in the book. "It is not something that is taken care of once and for all because someone drove a spirit off you. That can happen, but that is not the general model. Rather, we move step by step into a new place in the spiritual realm that the Lord opens for us, as we continue to fight and ascend in the heavenlies. We have to do warfare; we have to keep on fighting to maintain deliverance." It is a lifelong battle. It will go on the rest of your days. "Fight the good fight." Don't be deceived into defeat. Deliver thyself.

As Schneider notes, thoughts of "self-condemnation, self-rejection, hatred toward somebody, accusation toward somebody, fear or pride" can all be sent by evil spirits. Recognize this and take action. When the mind is clear the spirit is free. The action is simple. "I reject you Satan, in the Name of Jesus, get out of my thoughts."