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Full Version: The death of Dom Livieres
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So, this is a bit of old news, but I don't think I've seen here on FE: the deposed bishop of Ciudad del Este, Rogelio Livieres, has passed away.
You might remember him as one of the bishops on the bad side of Bergoglio—the animosity between Bergoglio and Livieres is older than the papacy or any supposed misunderstanding between the episcopate of Paraguay and Livieres. As one of the few bishops in Latin America who opposed the progressives a la Bergoglio he made some enemies.

But in any case, he reigned for a decade in Ciudad del Este, and even though he subscribed to the “hemeneutic of reform in continuity” he did not alienated priests who wanted to celebrate the TLM (even, in one case I'm aware of, exclusively).
Here are some numbers: during the ten yers there was a growth from 14 to 82 diocesan priests;
34 to 51 parishes;
40% to 90% of parishes with daily Mass;
ca. 4.700 to ca. 14.700 chrisms per year;
0 to 5.814 members of perpetual adoration;
203 to 1400 spiritual work in penitentiaries. (among other numbers that I omitted; and remember we're talking of a small city)

A good bishop can do a lot of good. He passed while praying the rosary, after confessing and receiving plenary indulgence.
I hope someday the full truth about what went down there is brought into the open, whether it is good, bad, or really ugly.  If he had one or two bad foresight that sacked his bishoporic, why aren't the progressives one being dealt with just as harshly. 
Whatever the truth was down there, Pope Francis has only taken strong stands against"conservative" Catholic Bishops , he has completely ignored the  scandals at all these Jesuit colleges and the Pope is a Jesuit , why no action against the Jesuits there, could it be their big school endowment funds?