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Full Version: Fire at the Shrine of Christ the King
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Did not seen this posted here yet.

Quote:Hours after the last flames had been put out, a firefighter walked down the blackened steps of Shrine of Christ the King Church on Wednesday and handed over a statue covered in gold vestments and topped with a crown. The statue, known as the Divine Infant Jesus, was made in Spain in the 1700s. It was presented to the 92-year-old church in Woodlawn 10 years ago after the church was spared the wrecking ball and the parish began the long work of restoration.

Smudged but otherwise undamaged, the statue survived an extra-alarm fire overnight that was touched off by renovation work and severely damaged the roof and interior, according to fire officials. To the priests of the parish, it symbolized their intent to rebuild again.

"The statue is the spiritual centerpiece of our shrine and its community, so people really spiritually identify with it," said the Rev. Matthew Talarico.

"It's iconic to symbolize all the work and the mission that we do at the church," he said. "It's important that people see that this has been preserved from past years, and this is the first step on the journey forward and that Christ is still with us."

The first fire crews were alerted about 5:45 a.m. Wednesday and the blaze was quickly raised to a 3-11 alarm, sending 150 firefighters to the church at 64th Street and Woodlawn Avenue along with extra equipment to fight flames that were already shooting through the roof, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.

Please pray for them :pray:
I saw this and I wonder if something is wrong with the architecture that makes it prone to fires as when the Institute took it over, it was already badly damaged from a previous fire.  I just hope it doesn't completely undo the restoration work that has been done on the building. 
Oh no!!!! Spontaneous combustion?! What?!
God bless Canon Talarico, so full of hope.

See the work they had done. Donate if you can!

They have a GoFundMe site:
I heard about it on ewtn news, it is very tragic to say the least in their own home church,  I hope they are able to get it fixed, the building was not in the best of shape to begin with  being so old.  I did not know they were based in chicago though, I knew of the cannons regular of St John Cancious
and would love to visit their church.