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Full Version: FSSP Missals
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My sister needs a daily missal for attending daily Mass at the FSSP.
Some say  St. Andrew is best, some the 1962  Daily Missal, Some St. Joseph Missal.
Help please. Also, are any of the Missals in large print?
I think you could say that all have their favorites. I own the Angelus Press 1962 Missal, and love it. But I also have the CC Watershed St. Edmund Campion, too. It's beautiful. I'm not aware of any that are exclusively large print, although the print in the CC Watershed is larger than the Angelus 1962. But then, it's a larger missal.
Thank you so much, dahveed.
I will let me sister know.
The Angelus Press Missal is my favorite.
My favourite is Fr Lasance's The New Roman Missal, available from the FSSP's Fraternity Press. It's not strictly a '62 Missal, in fact it's a pre-'55, but except for Holy Weekit's pretty on target.

From the Fraternity Publishing site,

Quote:Product Description
A favorite of many, this Missal is a beautiful reproduction of the 1945 Daily Missal of Fr. F.X. Lasance, with the original text of the immemorial Latin Tridentine Mass, according to the Council of Trent, with complete Latin and English text for the Ordinary and Propers of the Mass. It includes the Ordinary of the Mass, Proper of the Season, Proper of the Saints, Common of the Saints, Votive Masses, Marriage Ceremony, Nuptial Mass, Masses for the Dead, Forty Hours' Devotion, Propers for the U.S., Masses for Religious Orders. Supplement comprising an explanation of: "The Ecclesiastical Year and the Sacred Liturgy"; "Short Accounts of Certain Feasts and Brief Lives of the Saints", a "Glossary of Liturgical Terms", a "Description of the Symbolic Representations" and a collection of "Communion and other Prayers" those indulgenced in accordance with the Raccolta. Imprimatur of 1945.
Black leatherette flexible cover, six colored ribbons, gold embossed lettering on cover and binding, gilded edges, measures approximately 4 1/2" x 7" x 2". 1900 pp.

They also carry the Baronius '62 and the St Andrew's Daily, 1945.
Thank you so much, Jovan.
Jovan, apparently it is out of stock :o(
Darn! I went to another supplier that I've had good luck with and it seems to be temporarily out of print with no protected reprint date!

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