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Full Version: What God wants not what the Pope would allow
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Quote:We wrote last month that the new post-Conciliar Mass, the cradle of agnosticism and continuing uncertainty about the Faith, since it entertains an extenuating dialogue between the priest and the assembly, is no longer focused solely on God. Absurdly, in the new Mass, so human and community-minded, also those who believe in hardly anything [at all] can be there and continue in their doubts.

As a very extroverted person who does not otherwise have a lot of people to spend time with or talk to, "community" is very important to me.  I don't like it, however, being forced upon me in the Mass.  Mass is the time to meditate and to adore God, not "community" time.  I really don't like being so busy and chatty during Mass.  The first verse of a traditional Catholic hymn expresses this so beautifully: What could my Jesus do more, or what greater blessings impart?  O silence my soul, and adore, and press Him still nearer thy heart.  'Tis here from my labor I'll rest, since He makes my poor heart his abode.  To Him, all my cares I'll address, and speak to the heart of my God."  I just want silence to adore God, to rest in Him, to have my communion with Him without distraction, and then to enjoy the company of my fellow parishioners for awhile afterwards  I don't think I'm asking for too much.