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Full Version: Culture question --holidays and traditions
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Does anyone have any family or personal traditions that they do for the liturgical year or for prayer? I'm considering starting some myself. My faith is sort of really internal at this point and I would like to make home more religion-inspiring.
To start I'd suggest checking out the main Fisheaters site which has many interesting things about the liturgical year and seasonal customs. You may find something of help there. May I also suggest the Catholic Culture site, especially it's stuff about the Church year and customs. It's Novus Ordo but there are lots of nice little recipes and stuff about customs. I am in no way endorsing Dr. Jeffery Mirus and his Neo conservative politics or style of Catholicism, but his site has a lot about seasonal customs.

You can start by trying to keep the fasts and the feasts of the Church as best you can, perhaps even taking off work for the ones that are major or meaningful to you in some way. If you're like me and you like icons you can acquire icons associated with certain feasts or saints and display them prominently during their season, day or octave.

For Advent get an advent wreath or make one and light the candles as you are supposed to. Get different colored cloth or linen according to the feast or season to put on your home altar. Pray devotions according to the month or day ( Sacred Heart for June, Holy Souls for November etc.) 

My number one suggestion is to pray the Divine Office or some form of it every day without fail. More than anything else the Office will keep you connected with the rhythm of the liturgical year in a way that you just have to experience to understand. There's a reason St. Benedict in his rule said that one was to " prefer nothing to the work of God ( the Divine Office), and if you are consistent with it you'll see why I promise.

Make a home altar or prayer corner. Use sacramentals frequently. Personally I use epiphany water all the time. I just keep refilling the bottle when it's half empty.

Finally, don't bite off more than you can chew. Take your time to learn various customs and traditions, recipes etc and just add them over the years. This is the journey of a lifetime. 
When I was a child we had an advent wreath on the dining room table. When Christmas came, instead of purple candles, the candles were hite.
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Here's some things we do:

Family Rosary after dinner.

Hubs has a special prayer book for special feast day graces, like Christmas and Easter.

At Christmas time we have the Oplatek bread. That's a Polish custom.

We also get an easter basket of food blessed after Mass.  Call me crazy but I love this little Catholic Rural Life Prayerbook.  The link above is kind of a text version of the whole thing, but you can buy a real book version. While I'm not a guy living on a farm it's still very useful, and has a lot of prayers and blessings for various seasons,events and customs. I find myself using it frequently. 

Just use holy water when you bless things, or ask God to do the blessing if you don't have a priest around.

It's all in a modern yet not banal vernacular. Very cool, and worth getting a hard copy of.

RandomTradGuy, please see this section, in particular, on the main FE website:

This page will likely help you most of all:

This sub-section of the Being Catholic section will also help you, I think -- and hope!:

All the above will give you TONS of traditions, prayers, novenas, rituals, chaplets, readings, recipes -- loads of stuff -- to help you live "trad-style."