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Full Version: Your Religious Name
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Just for fun, and to learn a little something about each other, let's pretend you were going to become a monk, friar, nun, or religious sister. Which name would you choose for yourself?

For ex., Ste. Therese of Lisieux's religious name was "St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face". Which name would you choose? And why?
That's a very interesting question! :)

I'd probably go with Sr. Kera of Divine Love (one of Our Lady's titles is Mother of Divine Love).
Br. Bobo. It honors an obscure Frankish hermit saint (Bobo of Provence), and it is wonderfully erudite and colorful without the pretension of Latin or Greek polysyllables. It is direct and simple, with a lovely bouncy mouthfeel, and just a little absurd. It's also one of those delightful Frankish names in -o, like Frodo and Dudo, which, by the way, take a Latin genitive like n-stems, e.g. Frodo, Frodonis.

Oh my! I had a dog, named Brother Dog, whose nickname was --- Bobo LOL  So, to me, "Bobo" is a mighty-fine name!

I have no idea, but now Br. Bobo sounds very appealing to me--even though the explanation of the name makes up for any pretension it lacks.
I have been fond of the Greek names Eupraxia ("good action") and Eudoxia/Eudocia ("good glory"), as well as the Latin name Drusilla ("oak" or "strong").

There actually is a Saint Eupraxia:

Surprisingly there is also a couple Saint Eudocias.

Sister Eupraxia? Sister Eudocia? Sister Drusilla?

My guess is those 3 are definitely not common religious names.
my papal name would be innocent the IV.
My name in religion as a Carmelite Tertiary is Jovan Marya (John Mary) of the Immaculate Conception.
Margaret Mary  :)
Brother Jerome of the Immaculate Heart

1) It contains the name of my birth town

2) St Jerome is the patron saint of those with a tempers

3) Our Lady's Immaculate Heart was central to my reversion.
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